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The Triduum: One Celebration – Three Holy Days

Everyone is invited to a presentation on the Sacred Triduum.

“The Triduum: One Celebration – Three Holy Days”


The Paschal Triduum celebrates the high holy days of the Catholic Faith. These 3 days surpass all other days in the Church’s calendar. This time is so sacred that the Triduum is referred to as the culmination of the liturgical year. Come and be transformed as you are led to embrace the meaning of these sacred days called Triduum:

“The Fullness of Love and of Life”: Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper [Holy Thursday];

“We Have Born His Likeness” The Celebration of the Lord’s Passion [Good Friday]; This Is the Night”; Easter Vigil.


Date:               Wednesday March 21, 2018

Time:               7:00PM – 8:00PM

Location:         Church

Speaker:          Sr. Linda Gaupin, CDP