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2019 March for Life blog…

Julia Galate, an alumna of both Holy Family Catholic School and Holy Family's Catholic Youth Ministry, will be attending the March 2019 for Life with a group from the Florida State University Catholic Student Union.

Late Saturday, Jan. 19

After we toured all the major monuments in DC this morning, we managed to get to the Shrine of John Paul 2! Out of respect for the relics, I couldn’t take pictures inside, but I did manage to get a selfie with the man himself! As our time here was drawing to a close we made our way to mass in the Crypt of the Basillica, specifically in the Chapel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I was honored to be able to serve during mass, and what a perfect way to end our perfect trip.

Friday, Jan. 18 – Saturday, Jan. 19

The March was fantastic, there were so many people you could hardly move! It’s day 3, and today we are going to all the monuments around DC. Hopefully we can get to them all! 


Late Thursday, Jan 17

Last stop until the basilica for 7 am Mass! It’s way past our bedtime, so we are all getting settled in for the long haul! 

Thursday, Jan. 17

The first stage of our journey already was full of blessing. After a send off from our bishop, we were ready to go, however, we were missing 1 of our members on the list. We waited and waited for her, but decided that we had to get going, so everyone decided to pray that she’d somehow be able to make it. Sure enough, about 10 minutes in, we get a call that she’s chasing us down in a friend’s car, so she ended up being able to come along after all! We are all very excited and it is sure to be a trip to remember!







CSU is doing a book study on C.S. Lewis' "Mere Christianity" to prepare for the March.