God is good, all the time; all the time, God is good!

Tuesdays With the Lord

Time/location: Tuesday mornings, 7:20-8:20 a.m. Jan. 29-May 28, General Flynn Hall's north side

Facilitator: Dcn. Spencer Silvers.

Dcn. Spencer will take this group through several books.

The journey begins with the book “The Sacraments” that we received this past Christmas as a present from our pastor, Fr. John. As we “discover the treasures of the Divine Life”, we will practice Lectio Divina, reflecting on the readings of the Sunday Mass.

We also will complement our sacramental journey following the presentation of the program “Presence, the Mystery of the Eucharist” from Augustine Institute. The materials for the “Presence” is available on line, we will provide paper copies when you attend the class for those that need it. These material is meant to accompany our spiritual journey as we journey with the Holy Spirit to a more clear and communal understanding of the Sacraments and the Eucharist at these classes.

Beginning March 12, the focus will turn to a new study entitled Forgiven, which is available through Formed.org. Then on the week after Easter, we will engage the Sacraments of Service.

The dates for this journey are 1/29/19 -5/28/19.  Every Tuesday in the General Flynn Hall, North side from 7:20-8:20 am. Click here to register.