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Lent: Spirit-Filled and Purpose-Driven

You're into Lent. You've figured out what you're giving up, what you want to change, and maybe figured out what prayer you will add to your routine.

In case you haven't, or wish to dive deeper into Lent, here are some ways you can make the most out of your Lenten Journey.

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Make your Lent Amazing Get a daily video, grow closer to Jesus, and share your faith with others at BestLentEver.com or Lentseries.com

Attend a class at Holy Family — there are many to choose from:

· Transmission                                       · Forgiven – (part of Tuesdays with the Lord; thru April 16)

· The Return of the Prodigal Son            –  Book of Isaiah

Read a good Catholic book for 15 minutes each day

· “The Sacraments” – your Holy Family Church Christmas gift!

·  Formed.org e-books (you don't need a Kindle or a specific e-reader to read these)

Watch great Catholic content on Formed.org      Code:  C2DMVM

Attend RiseUp! Catholic Men’s Conference     March 23 at Holy Family


Attend eXaLT Eucharistic Adoration    Sunday, March 10 6:15pm

Spend time with Jesus in the Adoration Chapel    Open 24/7

Read 15 minutes of the Bible and try Lectio Divina to meditate on the Word

Attend Stations of the Cross at Holy Family

· Tuesday 1:45pm March 12-April 9 (HFCS)

· Friday 7pm March 8-April 12, (Parish)

· Living Stations of the Cross, April 16, 1:30pm (HFCS)

· Living Stations of the Cross, Good Friday, April 19, 7pm (YAM, Youth Ministry)

Celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Pray the Rosary   Try an Intentional Rosary with a prayer intention on each decade or bead. Check out this How-to video on the Rosary

Support Catholic Relief Services     Donate your spare change to “CRS Rice Bowl

Embrace 40 Days of Gratitude    Call, email, text or write 40 people who have made a difference in your life

Spring Cleaning for a cause    Go through your home, and donate 40 items to a charity, such as St. Vincent de Paul

Get involved with a ministry at Holy Family

Visit the hospitalized and homebound


Abstain from meat on Fridays, as well as Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. (Reflection on Lenten Fasting)

· Randomly fast from things that bring you pleasure. For example: coffee; soft drinks, sweets, TV, social media. Or replace your hot shower with a cold one!

Ask yourself some tough questions to spark Fasting ideas.  These might include:

· What habits do I engage in that are destructive to my spiritual health?

· To what material things am I too attached?

· What areas in my life are unbalanced?

· To what do I devote too much or not enough time?


Additional Resources

Click on an  image to reach a PDF that has links to all events.

Do something with your family each day to make Lent better   Holy Family's Top 10 ways to advance your Lenten journey.

Web: 4 Reasons for Almsgiving

Holy Family's Liturgical Calendar page, which includes Lent.

Bishop Noonan's Lenten Message

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