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Robia Scott, actress in Unplanned, comes to Holy Family Aug. 21.

Wednesday, Aug. 21, 7 p.m. – Meet actress Robia Scott in person for an incredibly fun and faith-filled evening celebrating life and God’s love. She will share behind-the-scenes stories from the making of the pro-life movie Unplanned and her fascinating journey from Hollywood actress and international performer to Christian author and dynamic ministry speaker.

For more information on Robia Scott,go to her website RobiaScott.com. To see her interview with Fr. John Giel on CCTN’s Christifideles on Aug. 4 and 18, go to www.HolyFamilyOrlando.com/Robia or click here. Click here for the official Unplanned movie website.

This FREE event is made possible by a generous donation from The Men of Holy Family on behalf of Holy Family’s Respect Life ministry. A love offering will be collected for the benefit of our pro-life ministry.

About Robia Scott in Unplanned

(Material from RobiaScott.com)

Shortly after becoming a Christian, Robia sensed that her 20-year career in Hollywood as a professional dancer and actress was coming to a close. She followed the prompting of the Lord and launched into full-time ministry in 2004.  Over the past 15 years, Robia has traveled extensively, now using her God-given gifts of communication and expression as an artist for the Kingdom of God. She is a sought-after church and conference speaker. Her teaching specializes in emotional healing, experiencing the presence of God, and encountering the person and power of the Holy Spirit. Robia had no intention of returning to acting or to Hollywood, but God had another plan. Through an “only God” series of events, Robia was introduced to the writers of the hit film, God’s Not Dead. They shared the story of their latest project, Unplanned, and invited Robia to audition. Shortly after auditioning, Robia was offered a leading role as Cheryl, the clinic director of Planned Parenthood.

At first, Robia was wary of the intensity of the role and subject matter but quickly had a strong knowing that she was to play this character in this “for such a time as this film.” Once on set, there was a feeling in the air and camaraderie between the directors, producers, cast and crew that what was being created corporately was far larger than the individuals involved. There was a sense that this film had the potential to shift culture, and that Unplanned was not your average movie, but could usher in a movement. There was a holy weightiness in the atmosphere, yet there was also tremendous warfare. The resistance to this message reaching audiences, while not tangible, was palpable.

One unique and interesting aspect of the Unplanned set experience is that there was a paid intercessory prayer department! A powerful team of men and women prayed throughout the day over the project, the crew, and the actors. Prayer was vital in pushing through the barriers to bring this movie to fruition.


Here's the trailer for Unplanned.

UnPlanned Trailer from RobiaScott on Vimeo.


One of Robia Scott's scenes in Unplanned as Cheryl from RobiaScott on Vimeo.  

More About Robia, in her own words

I was that little girl, like so many little girls, who danced around the house putting on shows for anyone who would watch. It wasn’t until I saw the movie Flashdance at the age of twelve that I realized that I could dance beyond my living room and backyard and actually make it a profession. I immediately enrolled in dance classes, took scissors to my sweatshirts, bought leg warmers to match every outfit, and even went so far as to perm by hair to emulate Jennifer Beals, the actress in Flashdance.

By the age of sixteen I became a professional dancer and landed my first job in Debbie Gibson’s “Shake your Love” video. A few years, and many music videos later, I was hired by Prince, yes the Prince, to play the role of “Pearl” for his hit album, Diamonds and Pearls. I appeared on the album’s cover, in the videos, and danced alongside Prince on the world tour in front of audiences of 60,000 fans.


After the tour, I transitioned into acting and began to star on television shows such as Beverly Hills, 90210, C.S.I. and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was living the dream, or so it seemed. I was in my twenties and a rising star in Hollywood. I was successful and appeared confident and on top of the world, but the image I was portraying on screen was far from the reality I was experiencing internally. I was struggling with fear, chain-smoking, and obsessed with my weight and body image. Thoughts of food and what I would and would not eat consumed me.

My desire for freedom led me to embark on a search for truth, answers, and God. My first stop was to read every self-help book imaginable. Countless books later, nothing had changed. I was still chain-smoking and tormented. Only later did I realize that self-help is somewhat of an oxymoron. After all, it was my self that had gotten me into the mess I was in, and I was looking to my self for solutions. I needed something or Someone greater than myself to shed some light. Einstein stated it perfectly when he said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same level of intelligence that created it.” Brilliant.

I was introduced to Christianity, but I must admit, I was wary. How could there be only one way to God, and what exactly would becoming a Christian entail? Would I have to sell all my belongings, become a missionary in Africa and sleep on dirt? Could I still wear cute shoes?

It was around that time that the Lord began to woo me and respond to my questions and concerns in various and obscure ways. He first got my attention while I was driving on the freeway. I prayed, “Okay God, You know I believe in you, but I am not sure about the whole Jesus thing. If there really is something to Jesus being The Way, I am going to need You to make it clear to me. Show me a sign.”

As the words were exiting my mouth, I noticed that a gang of what appeared to be Hell’s Angels bikers had encompassed my car! I looked more closely to the two bikers directly in front of me and noticed that there was a large cross on the back of their leather jackets. Over each cross were the words, “We Ride for Jesus.” What? You have got to be kidding me. I asked God for a sign about Jesus and find myself in the middle of a pack of bikers who were not the Hell’s Angels after all, but a Jesus biker gang. Hysterical! I had to laugh. God is funny, and He knew how to get my attention.

Shortly thereafter, He spoke to me through a magazine article about Michelangelo. The text stated that when Michelangelo sculpted, he did not try to produce a statue. He actually saw the finished work already inside the marble and he simply chipped away at the excess that was keeping the creation from being the masterpiece that it already was. As I read that, I had an instant sense that God worked precisely the same way. My heavenly Father would not strip me of fun, my personality, and everything that made me, ME. He would masterfully remove the weights and bondages that were keeping me from being the masterpiece that He had already created me to be. WOW. I was all in!

Little by little, I began to connect with the Lord and find the freedom I was longing for in my life. As the saying goes, my mess became my message. I sensed that my God-given gift of communication that I had been expressed as an artist, was now to be used for the Kingdom of God as a teacher and speaker. I walked away from a thriving career in Hollywood and into full-time ministry where I have shared the Biblical tools for transformation that were revealed to me to lead others into freedom, wholeness and the fullness of life in Christ.

I had no intention of ever returning to acting, but God had another plan. After a fifteen-year hiatus, I am back to acting and am now on the big screen in a starring role in the major motion picture, Unplanned. (available on DVD Aug. 13)


About Robia Scott's passion

Robia Scott’s passion is REAL CHANGE. She is a sought-after Christian speaker, coach, and author who imparts practical, applicable, Biblical tools for transformation. Her greatest desire is to see you fully equipped, living in the freedom and fullness of all the promises available to you in God. For over twenty years, Robia has traveled the world sharing her message of emotional healing and freedom from Counterfeit Comforts.

She specializes in helping Believers connect with the Person and presence of the Holy Spirit and experience God in a personal and powerful way.

For more about Robia Scott, visit her website RobiaScott.com.

For more on Unplanned, go to the film's official website.