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Dynamic Catholics – Art of Loving God

Dynamic Catholics – Art of Loving God

time 7:00 pm

Every Wednesday from

November 20, 2019


January 29, 2020

Dynamic Catholics ministry is hosting a Book Study on "The Art of Loving God" starting Wednesday, Nov. 20. in the Parish LIfe Center Room 4. The study continues through Jan. 29, but will take off for Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks.

Dcn. Richard Dodd facilities the course, which journeys us through the book "The Art of Loving God." Books are $10.95 when you register online here.

Discover the secrets to growing holier through simple things in life, work, play and rest. Learn to avoid the distractions that trouble and weary your soul, and you'll soon be able to focus your energy simply on loving God..

Click here to register for the course and get the books. Pick up pre-paid books at the Holy Family Gift and Book Store

Contact Brenda Johnston at bj34786@gmail.com with questions.