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Tuesdays with the Lord: 40 Weeks an Ignatian Study

Tuesdays with the Lord: 40 Weeks an Ignatian Study

General Flynn Social Hall

time 7:20 am

Every Tuesday from

September 3, 2019


June 1, 2020

Time/location: Tuesdays, 7:20-8:20 a.m., starting Sept. 3 / General Flynn Hall

Faciliator: Dcn. Spencer Silvers.

Dcn. Spencer will begin a 40-week Ignatian Prayer study using the book study "Forty Weeks: an Ignatian path to Christ with Sacred Story." The book also has a companion "Forty Weeks Spiritual Record Book." The study will help you learn the art of spiritual discernment, how to encounter the Lord of Mercy daily and fruitfully engage regular Sacramental Reconciliation.

For those not familiar with the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, they are divided into four Themed periods called “Weeks”. Each period for this course is 10 weeks:

– Period One will lead the participant to ponder and reflect on Creation and the fall, leading the participant to sacramental reconciliation.

– Period Two will lead the participant to reflect on the public life of Christ.

– Period Three guides the participant to contemplate and meditate on the Passion and death of Christ.

– Period Four compels the participant to contemplate the Resurrection of Christ.

If you are been challenged by experiencing that “the world is getting better and worse at the same time” and are aware that both the power of Christ’s resurrection and the handiwork of evil are developing side-by-side, and are seeking the gift of discernment, this retreat will help you in your spiritual journey. We are living in an age dulled by technology and consequent loss of a sense of the supernatural and the transcendent and are seeking fellow companions, in his name, the Lord of justice and peace, the Lord of life and love, our Savior Jesus Christ, then this an opportunity to begin a journey of awareness and awakening.  For more information e mail Dcn. Spencer at ssilvers@holyfamilyorlando.com.

The two "Forty Weeks" books will be available in the Holy Family Gift and Book Store, but course registration is REQUIRED. Click here to register and pay for your book.