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Dinner at 7

Dinner at 7

Dinner at 7 provides a wonderful opportunity to meet and become acquainted with other parishioners, and to share our faith in a fun and informal setting. Small groups of 8-10 people get together in a parishioner’s home for a small group potluck dinner. Members act as hosts once a year by opening their homes and providing the main dish. The “guests” bring an appetizer, a side dish, or a dessert to share. Non-perishable food items are collected from the guests at each dinner and the host brings those to the church for the food pantry. Several homes will have
dinners on the same evening to accommodate everyone. The entire group meets for the kick-off dinner in the fall and for the St. Valentines Party in support of our Wounded Veterans (this event is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus). Dinner at 7 potluck dinners are held from October through May once a month on Saturday evenings. Most dinners start at 7 unless the host requests an earlier start time.

The Dinner at 7 Ministry provides a setting that enables parishioners to get together in a
more intimate setting and discuss issues concerning our faith, families, and country. The ministry is open to all adult members of Holy Family. Married couples and singles are welcome to join. We currently have more couples than single members. If you can put together a main dish for 8 to 10 people and enjoy making new friends, this is the ministry for you.



Mimi Garcia • (407) 765-4164 • mimisita4@yahoo.com

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