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Who better to identify the role God and the Catholic faith will play in a marriage than a Catholic husband and wife? That is the thinking behind the FOCCUS – Facilitating Open Couple Communications, Understanding and Study – a ministry for married couples at Holy Family Catholic Church.
The FOCCUS ministry members are one of the first points of contact at the church for couples considering marriage.  They are a valuable resource for helping focus attention on the sacrament of marriage itself, instead of the ceremony of marriage.  FOCCUS members invite prospective marriage couples to their homes for a two-hour discussion that includes having the bride and groom take a 156-question compatability test that bears the organization’s name.
The FOCCUS test is a communication tool to help couples identify and work through issues before marriage.  It covers a variety of topics, including money, sex, and gender roles.  After the inventory is scored you will meet with the FOCCUS support couple and have a conversation about the results. Many times, the discussion is about issues the prospective couple might not have thought about before getting married and allows the couple to sort through those differences before taking thier vows. The FOCCUS class is required of all couples wanting to get married at Holy Family.

FOCCUS ministry members receive instruction from the Church before they are allowed to accept couples in thier home. The FOCCUS members are encouraged not to use the forum as an opportunity to preach to couples, but rather to confront them about issues that should be resolved before there is a marriage ceremony. The FOCCUS ministry is looking for married parishioners who could assist the church in this extremely important area.  It is a great way to stay involved with the Church and to meet new members of Holy Family.

The requirements to be a FOCCUS ministry member are:
A)  Be a married member at Holy Family.
B)  Attend a one-hour instruction class.
C)  Be available to host a prospective couple at your home for a two-hour session.

FOCCUS members traditionally offer their services 4-5 times per year.

If you would like to join the FOCCUS ministry, please contact René Weising at 407-876-2211, ext. 285