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The Month's Best

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Video – Mary of Nazareth

The film vividly captures the essence of Mary’s profound faith and trust in God amidst the great mysteries that she lived with as the Mother of the Messiah, as well as her compassionate humanity and concern for others, and the deep love that she and Jesus shared for one another. The movie underscores her special role in God’s plan for our redemption, her unique relationship with Christ, and the tremendous suffering that she endured in union with his Passion and Death, as well as her serene joy at his Resurrection.Mary of Nazareth text



Audio – Prepare the Way of the King

Dr. Scott Hahn, one of the most eminent Catholic theologians in our country today, reveals what scholars now know about the shepherds, the mysterious Magi, and King Herod. Your Advent journey will take on new meaning as you prepare your heart for the birth of our Lord.








Study – Prepare the Way: An Advent Journey

Advent does not only entail getting ready for Christmas. The season of Advent is an invitation to recall God’s love for his people in the past, present, and future. Advent is a time for us to remember the story of salvation: how God has been working to bring fallen humanity back to Him. We also remember the advent, or arrival, of Jesus, whose coming we celebrate on Christmas. We remember why He came: to restore our relationship with the Father through His Paschal Mystery. Lastly, we look forward to his future advent, the time of His second coming. This study draws from the SYMBOLON series to deliver beautiful and insightful teaching on each of these Advent themes, so you may grow deeper in your faith as you journey towards the celebration of Christmas.

Also available in Spanish






Youth – YDisciple – Advent

YDisciple: Advent provides a way to use the season as an opportunity to go deep into the Faith. Through an exploration of the mystery of the Incarnation, the Virgin Birth, and the events surrounding the arrival of Jesus, the season of Christmas will come alive in a fresh new way. 




Read – The Blessing of Christmas

This lovely little book is ideal for the Christmas and Advent season with its inspiring, profound, yet popular meditations on the blessings of the season by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Taken from his sermons as well as his writings, these beautiful meditations by the acclaimed spiritual teacher, writer and Pontiff, give his usual fresh insights into the deeper meaning of this most wondrous event, and show the Pope to be a man who knows how to address both the mind and the heart.







Kids' Korner

Kristoph and the First Christmas Tree

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It’s Christmas Eve in the year 722, and the young orphan Kristoph is accompanying the missionary priest Boniface through the German countryside on their way to the first Christmas the boy will celebrate outside the orphanage. They are hurrying to reach the next village by nightfall when they come upon a group of men worshiping a sacred oak tree and preparing to sacrifice the son of the village chieftain.

What happens next recalls the legend of how evergreen trees became part of the celebration of Christmas. This story beautifully retells an incident from the life of St. Boniface, the martyr who became the patron saint of Germany.


Liturgical Calendar

(updated by Tuesday each week)

Dec. 6

St. Nicholas

Watch: Nicholas: The Boy Who Became Santa
Ver: Nicholás

Dec. 7

St. Ambrose

Watch: Restless Heart
Read: The Restless Flame
Read: The Young People’s Book of Saints
Read: Saint Augustine’s Confessions
Listen: Saints for Sinners
Listen: The Restless Flame
Listen: Holiness is Always in Season

Dec. 8

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Study: Symbolon: Knowing the Faith, Session 9: Mary and the Saints
Estudiar: Symbolon: Conociendo la Fe, Sesión 9: María y los Santos
Study: Footprints of God, Mary: The Mother of God
Study: 33 Days to Morning Glory
Study: The Wild Goose Segmento 4: El Espíritu y Nuestra Señora
Estudiar: The Wild Goose Segment 4 The Spirit and Our Lady 
Watch: Blessed Duns Scotus: Defender of the Immaculate Conception
Watch: Mary of Nazareth
Watch: Cat Chat Session 1: Celebrating Mary
Watch: NAPA: Praying the Rosary Like Never Before
Watch: Ready Reasons: Was the Immaculate Conception Necessary?
Watch: Ready Reasons: Is there Biblical Proof for the Immaculate Conception?
Read: The World’s First Love
Read: Mary: God’s Yes to Man
Read: Mary in the Middle Ages
Read: Mary: The Church at the Source
Read: The Year and Our Children
Read: Faith Basics: Understanding Catholic Teaching on the Blessed Virgin Mary
Read: Mary in the Redemption
Read: Peace: A Sinner’s Guide to Confession
Listen: Answering Common Objections: Mary
Listen: Mary: Handmaid of the Lord
Listen: Mary: The Indispensable Mother of God
Listen: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal and St. Catherine Laboure
Listen: The World’s First Love
Listen: El Ave maria y la Oracion
Listen: Holiness is Always in Season
Listen: Holiness is Always in Season

St. Narcisa de Jesus Martillo Moran

Listen: Holiness is Always in Season

Dec. 9

Second Sunday of Advent

Study: YDisciple: Advent, Session 2: Trust in God
Study: Advent, Session 2: Trust in God
Watch: Christmas in Rome
Read: Advent of the Heart
Read: Cradle of Redeeming Love
Listen: A Journey Through Advent Year B
Listen: The Mystery of Christmas
Listen: Come, Lord Jesus

St. Juan Diego

Watch: Guadalupe: The Miracle and Message
Ver: Guadalupe: El Milagro ye el Mensaje
Watch: Guadalupe
Listen: Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego

Anniversary of the death of Venerable Fulton J. Sheen

Study: Modern Media
Study: YDisciple: Modern Media
Read: The World’s First Love
Read: Life is Worth Living
Read: How to Share Your Faith with Anyone
Listen: The True Meaning of Christmas
Listen: Cristo en el Credo y Pasión
Listen: The World’s First Love
Listen: Filosofía de la Vida/Conciencia
Listen: La Eucaristía/Sacrificio y la Misa
Listen: Three to Get Married
Listen: There is Life in the Womb