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International Weddings

International Weddings

Historically, the Diocese of Orlando does not encourage or allow weddings of visitors from foreign countries.

When exceptions are to be made, with express permission from the Bishop, the following procedures should be adhered to:
1.  A pastor and parish in this diocese must be willing to host the marriage.
2.  A date must be cleared with this U.S. parish.
3.  A request is made to the Bishop.
4.  The bride and groom must present a completed Pre Nuptial file to their Tribunal to be forwarded to the Orlando Diocese Tribunal with a transmittal letter designating the U.S. Parish where the wedding is to take place.

The Pre Nuptial file must include:
1.  A recent (6 months) Baptismal Certificate for Catholic parties.
2.  Proper dispensation, if needed.
3.  Letter of permission (notice of good standing in the parish) from pastor of Catholic parties. (If both are Catholic, only bride’s pastor need write.)
4.  A copy of “Pre Nuptial Questionnaire” (Form A) This office can provide copy if necessary.
5.  Two “Testimony of Witness to Prove the Freedom to Marry”:  Forms (Form B).  This office can provide copy if necessary.
6.  Evidence of attendance at a marriage preparation program.

The preceding policies are in place to ensure the integrity of the process and in recognition of the sacredness of the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Bride and Groom locate a local church for the marriage
Bride and Groom request permission to marry in this diocese.

The letter should be mailed:

Bishop John Noonan
Diocese of Orlando
P.O. Box 1800
Orlando, FL  32802-1800