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Ministers of the Word

The Ministry of the Word provide the prayerful and powerful proclamation of the Word of God at daily and weekend Masses, and special Get Connected: The Ministry of the Word is open to all fully formed Catholics 16 and older. Those wishing to serve should be persons of great faith and devotion to God’s Word. Readers must feel comfortable speaking in public, using a microphone, and making appropriate eye contact. In addition, a Reader must use careful enunciation, proper posture and movement and the correct rate of speed. It is important to be able to gain and keep the attention of the listeners and to convey enthusiasm and reverence. Readers will be scheduled according to availability and Mass schedules, and must attend a training session on the Tuesday before they are scheduled to read. Trainings are held every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. in the daily chapel. Anyone wishing to be part of the ministry must attend three trainings. Ministers of the Word serve at the weekday Masses in the daily chapel and all weekend Masses. Readers are also sometimes called to serve at the Children’s Opening of the Word (CLOW) at the 8:45 Sunday Mass.



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