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Ministry to the Sick

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the Sick (EMHC to the Sick/ formerly MTS) brings the body of Christ through communion to patients in hospitals and nursing homes and to the homebound. Ministers receive the consecrated Host from the Priest during the Mass and take it to those in need. This is a year-round ministry that serves our community seven days a week and brings peace and comfort to those who cannot attend Church.

Anointing of the Sick is held as announced by the parish. Or you can call the parish office for an appointment.

The Ministry to the Sick is open to all who feel they have a calling to this important work. Those wishing to serve are required to take the appropriate diocesan training and local training. Diocesan Fingerprinting and Safe Environment online tests are required. When signing up for fingerprinting, contact Lynn Ramsey in the parish office for the code.


Inez Garrambone • (407) 876-1791 • Dinez@aol.com

AnneMarie Laliberte • (407) 352-0801 • anneml63@aol.com

For Prospective Ministers

EMHC-EMHC to the Sick Application (fill out the complete application; both pages)