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Shoe Harvest

Shoe Harvest provides new shoes for underprivileged children before school starts in the fall and during the Christmas season. A tree is set-up in the narthex with “apples” that have shoe sizes for children of all ages. Parishioners pick an “apple” and bring in a pair of closed toe and closed heal shoes in that size. The ministry only meets during the fall beginning in July) and Lenten season on an as needed


The shoe harvest ministry welcomes all adults and high school aged teens to help with sorting, stocking, labeling, and distributing. There is no special training required. It is a blessing to provide a child with comfortable, stylish, and good fitting shoes for school. Be a part of this wonderful outreach.



Katie Mazloom • (407) 575-8409 • Shoeharvest2@cfl.rr.com

Joe Mazloom • (407) 271-5587

Bobbi Nuhfer • (407) 351-3790