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St. Peter Claver Prison Ministry

St. Peter Claver Prison Ministry is dedicated to providing spiritual and practical instruction to the incarcerated and ex-offenders in multiple central Florida prisons and jails. The Prison Ministry is a Special Service Conference within the Society of St. Vincent DePaul. St. Peter Claver is open to all who are interested in mentoring and providing spiritual fellowship to the incarcerated and ex-offenders who are transitioning back into the community. They are active in 5 prisons and jails and serve through regularly scheduled programs. The ministry serves year round with priest, deacons and chaplains.

St. Peter Claver Prison Ministry welcomes any who know that Christ is found among the broken and the poor and humbly recognize that “there but for the grace of God go I.” We need those who are available to be present where few are willing to go. A well-defined mentor-training program is provided to all who enter the ministry. If you feel God is calling you to assist in this ministry of mercy and compassion, please contact them today.

Orange County Jail is currently in need of additional volunteers.  Volunteers to this facility have been able to help parishioners and their families.  Volunteers need to complete an application, be interviewed, and attend a mandatory training class to be able to serve our local community.  Deacon Spencer Silvers can assist in helping you to complete the application process.


Bruce Stumbras• (407) 222-0842 • STUMBRASB@gmail.com

Jim Wade, Administration, Fr. Ennis Village • (407) 203-5568 • JIM@spcpmorlando.org

Richard Dodd • (407) 625-3700 • DEOPAXEMMAUS@gmail.com

Deacon Spencer Silvers • (407) 876-2211 Ext. 299 • SSILVERS@holyfamilyorlando.com