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Welcome to Holy Family Orlando

South West Orlando’s Catholic Community

My Dear Parishioners, friends and visitors of Holy Family:


As we come upon the Season of Easter and participate in the Highest Holy Day Celebration in the Christian Church (The Triduum—Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter), we as Christians are all called to look upon the gift that Christ has given us throughout our lives.  For two thousand years, the Church has celebrated the Institution of the Eucharist (a constant presence and nurturing from this gift) at the Last Supper; The Passion and Death of Jesus Christ, for our sins; and the Resurrection from the dead, signifying the gift of Eternal Life for all believers.


The Easter season is not just a time of bunnies and eggs, a rite of spring, the rising of the sun on Easter morning, but it is more.  It is a time where we are participants in the overcoming of our sinful nature.  A nature that finds itself lost in the darkness of despair and lack of purpose and direction.  It is a time the Church uses so many symbols to help us all understand the greatest gift of God’s love.  It is the one that brings us out of darkness into the light of Christ, that presents the true meaning of Love and unselfishness, so we get a better glimpse of our Father in Heaven, the God of Love.


As we step into the Season of Easter and the celebrations that continue for several weeks, leading to the birthday of the Church, we are asked to look at ourselves and evaluate how we have accepted this great gift of love.  We are not called to relish in the glow, but to take hold of it and have it become a part of us.  You know yourselves how you feel when you give a gift to someone early to learn that they have put it aside never to use or enjoy.  What must God feel when he looks at each one of us and how we have accepted His gift?  With this gift of Salvation and Eternal Life from Christ, we are almost called to re-gift it with everyone around us!  How will you celebrate Easter?  How will you use and share this gift of Salvation and Eternal Life?


May your Easter Days be filled with the awareness of what we have celebrated and you have received!


Sincerely yours,


Very Rev. John C. Giel, V.G.,





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